8 Tips for Brides with Photographers

Over the years we’ve picked up on quite a few do’s and don’t for brides on their big day. Some of which are equally as helpful to your photographer, and others which are straight up helpful for living. Let’s jump right in.

1.Take engagement photos

This is especially helpful for anyone out there who might be uncomfortable in front of a camera, or for couples who generally never take photos together. Spending and hour or two with your photographer will not only be a great chance for you to get comfortable with each other, but it will also give you a chance to see what poses you like and don’t like before the big day. Practice makes perfect, and that applies to having your picture taken. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Get those jitters out of the way early with an engagement shoot. They’re one of our favorite things to do! Check out our packages here!

2. Find a window

In case you missed our post about natural light (LINK), here is another reminder that when it comes to taking photos, windows are your best friend. The colors that florescent and other indoor lights throw on your face can make your skin look less vibrant than it really is. Trust us, you don’t want your photos looking like a bathroom selfie.

3. Use a high chair

No, not a baby high chair. A high chair or bar stool works wonders for you. Not only will your makeup artist adore you for it, but it helps you not to slouch and keeps you looking beautiful while photos are being taken. Bonus, you stand out in the room, so it’s way easier for your photographers (and videographers!) to get fun shots of you with your bridesmaids.

4. Drink

We grew up with the phrase “hydrate or die” around our house. And while it’s extreme, it’s also very true. When you forget to drink, your skin loses its color, your lips get dry, and you run the risk of fainting in the middle of the dance floor. It’s pretty easy to become dehydrated on a wedding day, so we suggest stashing mini water bottles everywhere. Like, everywhere. In your bathrooms,  in the limo, at the back of the church, behind the altar, in the bridal suite, in the pockets of your dress, artfully incorporated into your bouquet…

5. Eat

Much like dehydration, forgetting to eat will take a toll on your body, your mood, and your ability to stay upright for the duration of your ceremony. Eat as much as you can in the morning and keeps snacks available throughout the day. Our personal suggestions for no mess, no bloating foods: apples,  grapes, bananas, nuts, cheese and crackers, veggies and hummus, bagels with cream cheese, and protein bars. Remind yourself to eat whenever you have downtime.

6. Plan downtime

Speaking of downtime, make sure you have some. We always suggest 40-60 minutes of planned relaxation before the ceremony. If everything is running as scheduled, you get 40-60 minutes to relax with your ladies before the big walk down the isle. If everything is NOT running as scheduled, you have enough buffer time to make sure you make it to the chapel on time. This is one event you do not want to be fashionably late for.

7. Enforce the “no pictures” rule

If you’ve hired someone to take your photos, chances are you want those photos to look good. One way to make sure of that is tell your guests to sit back and relax during your photo free ceremony. Too  many times an otherwise beautiful photo is ruined by a flash from Uncle Hank’s camera, or an overeager cousin leaning into the isle taking pictures with their iPad (this happens way too often). Leave the photography to the pros. After all, your guests should be focused on you and your groom.

8. Designate a family photo representative

The most stressful part of the day often ends up being family photo time. Aunts are chatting in another room, cousins forget and leave for the reception, and Grandpa Joe keeps going to the wrong side of the family. To make things easier for you, choose a representative from your family to be in charge of letting everyone where they need to be ahead of time.  You (and your photographer!) want to get the most out of photo time, and that means spending more time with you and your groom than it does corralling family members.

Have any great wedding day tips of your own? Send us a message. We’d love to hear them!

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