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Detroit sure took our breath away! This city full of character was the backdrop for two equally wonderful people: Dave and Lauren. Their wedding was one big beautiful celebration filled with meaningful vintage details and lots of energy!

They were married in The Sweetest Heart of Mary Church, a Gothic revival style cathedral built in the late 1800’s . The sky-high ceilings provided the mood for a ceremony filled with both substance and splendor. The day included adventuring through the historic city, stopping everywhere from the culturally refined BELT alley to the famous Lafayette Coney Island for a quick bite to eat.

The Gem Theater reception was one for the books. Dave and Lauren kicked things off by leading their guests in a rendition of  “Don’t Stop Believing” alongside their live entertainment, The Dan Rafferty Band! Dancing, laughs and loads of celebrations followed as did the mighty fine desserts. These two and their family and friends were a joy to document. Catch a glimpse into their wedding day story below.

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