David + Shawna | Wedding

David and Shawna’s day at Laketown Golf and Conference Center in Saugatuck was filled with such beautifully intimate moments.Their eagerly anticipated first look of  was filled with equal amounts of tears and laughter. Prior to this moment, David and Shawna exchanged handwritten letters with each other that shared sweet and heartfelt messages of how they were feeling that day.

The pastor that married David and Shawna actually was the same individual that they completed marriage counseling with. In the special message during the ceremony, he incorporated some of the answers that David and Shawna wrote about what marriage means to them and why they chose each other as spouses. This was the very first time that either of the two had heard those answers and there was not a dry eye in the house!

Relive David and Shawna’s wedding day story through their film and photos below!

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