Elyse + John | Mackinac Island Wedding


When I think about John and Elyse’s wedding day one simple word comes to mind: Dreamy. The backdrop to their nuptials was a magical little place called Mackinac Island. Here’s something that might stun the snow out of a true Michigander: as a native of New England, I had never heard of Mackinac Island before (like ever…I even pronounced it wrong) but I was eager to explore all of its wonders. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. What’s more serene than a car-less island surrounded by crystal clear water thats populated by bikes, fudge shops, and horses? Nothing…the answer is nothing. Well, the answer might be watching John and Elyse get married because it was serenely dreamy.

With a style that recalls the great 1920’s both our bride and groom stunned us with the whole vibe of their wedding day. It was vintage yet modern, it was dreamy and spunky. The bridesmaids were dawned in golden dresses while the groomsmen looked sharp in black tuxes with peacock feather bowties. The excitement in the air  during prep time was electric – Elyse has a contagious joy about her and her morning was full of dancing to Beyonce, laughing with her girl-tribe, and cry-laughing when she shared a first look moment with her Dad (who beautifully balled his eyes out…and if you know us, you know we LOVE a good cry-reaction!). John was excited yet calm as he prepped with his guy-tribe sharing laughs and drinks with his closest friends as the anticipation for their first look grew.  It was no surprise to us that they totally SLAYED their couple portrait time – they were comfortable and confident as they canoodled in each others arms while casually shooting us some seriously fierce looks.

They were married in the sweetest little church followed by a horse drawn carriage ride to their reception at the lovely Mission Point Resort where they danced the night away with their flapper-clad friends. It was a magical day that ended with a sunset dipped in the richest of blue hues – a dreamy end to a dreamy day.







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