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It was a typical Monday evening, or so Olivia had thought. Olivia was meeting a friend to catch up over dinner at Rose’s on Reed’s Lake. What she did not know was that her boyfriend  had set this up months ago. He was going to propose.

Olivia was sharing a meal with a friend, catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. As dinner came to a close, Olivia was surprised with a colorful bouquet of flowers, accompanied by a letter from her boyfriend, Khai. The letter prompted her to go outside to the nearby lakeside park.

Overwhelmed by emotion, Olivia followed along. Close family members lined the walkway in the park.  They each read her a letter written by Khai that shared milestone moments from their relationship together. A last letter was waiting for her at the bench that Khai and Olivia shared their first kiss. This letter told her to head over to a lookout spot of the lake.

Olivia arrived to the lookout at Wege Plaza , a favorite spot of her and Khai, just as the sun was beginning to set. A perfect backdrop for this night. She watched a heartfelt video from Khai that set the stage for what he was about to ask. As the video ended, she turned around to find Khai standing there ready to propose (she thought he was in Chicago for work at the time)! After a moving proposal, the two were officially engaged. Tears flowed from all (us, included). Family and friends ran over to share in the wonderful celebration!

Khai and Olivia are true soulmates. There is not a more accurate way to describe these two. Olivia’s father said it best: “They spark each other.” Congratulations to this newly engaged pair! You can view the full proposal video and photos below!

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