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Lily and Jersey’s wedding was one of those days that you can only dream of as a photo/video team. The moment Lily put on her flower crown, I was in love (move over Jersey!) – not only was she so absolutely stunning, but Lily is just the sweetest person to be around. She was so kind and attentive to her bridesmaids as she prepared for the first look. I casually mentioned that during our interview time for Jersey, that he got a little emotional when we were asking him questions – to my surprise (and potential makeup crisis), Lily was overcome by her own emotions at the thought of Jersey crying, she was soon lovingly swarmed by her dutiful bridesmaids – the makeup was saved and champagne was popped.

Their first look location was basked in beautiful summer light and they took a collective sigh of joy and relief when they saw each other for the first time that day. Both Lily and Jersey grew up in China but moved to the US for school at young ages, they did not know each other before moving to the states and both, by fate it seems, found themselves in Michigan and then found themselves in love.

They celebrated their their wedding day at The Bay Pointe Inn in Shelbyville, MI on Gun Lake surrounded by their international friends and family. Here’s a fun fact about the Bay Pointe Inn, several years ago an entire bridal party was taking their wedding photos on the dock that over looks the lake…the dock gave way…and they ALL fell in (there are plenty of videos of this on the internet). The best part was that the bride/groom/bridal party were great sports and embraced a spontaneous dip in the lake. The OTHER best part is that I knew about this specific bridal party #dockfail and when we got to the venue I was adamant about not photographing everyone on the dock, so much so, that the groomsmen were making jokes the whole time about wanting to go on the dock (NO WAY GUYS!). The deep irony of this all and the reason behind this story is that instead of “being risky” and photographing the bridal party on the dock, my team and I got the bright idea to borrow a pair of jet skis and have Lily and Jersey ride off into the sunset together. Did we have camera straps on? No we did not. Was this significantly MORE risky than photographing everyone on the newly reinforced dock? Yes, yes it was. WAS IT WORTH IT? OH MY GOSH YESSSS.

It was a beautiful day that ended in a jet ski ride around Gun Lake, what more could you ask for people?! Here’s to next year including more jet skis and perfect golden hours and sweet couples like Lily + Jersey.

Enjoy their photos and their wedding highlight above (trust me, it’s worth a watch…or FIVE).

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