nadia + matt | wedding

There is just nothing like a beach wedding in the rolling hills of Northern Michigan. On the shores of Lake Michigan, Nadia and Matt were wed at the beautiful Camp Firefly at The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor.These two embraced a refreshing, sweet and elegant celebration focused around their closest family and friends.  Sunshine galore and a warm breeze helped set the stage for this celebratory Sunday.

Filled with such heartfelt emotion, Nadia and Matt’s day was a wonderful reflection of them as couple. “When your eyes first met my gaze, I realized at that moment that you were special. I now know that I was meeting my best friend for the first time,” Matt shared during his vows. Highlights included their journey down the slopes of the resort on the whimsical red vernacular and the spontaneous moments together during sunset.

Take a look at all of the special moments and memories from their day below, as well as their full film. Cheers to this wonderful pair!

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