natosha + lester | engagement

Not often do couples get to meet us on a weekday afternoon at a bar. But location, location, location! This engagement session was one of those rare opportunities to meet at one of Lake Michigan’s local watering holes: Saugatuck Brewing Company. We caught up with Natosha and Lester over some finely crafted brews (and coffees for us camera-carrying folk).

These two were being wonderful and getting all cute and cuddly for us at the bar. Perfect photo opp! Later on, we browsed around a nearby Antique shop. If you are ever in need of records or Jadeite, this place is the kicks. While we were trekking out to Lake Michigan, these two shared some of the simple yet beautiful reasons they wanted to get married and celebrate life together. Their heart behind marriage and their next adventure was refreshing to hear. Lester and Natosha are beautiful souls and we hope you two enjoy these photos we got to take for you. Cheers to your story and celebration!

P.S. Lester’s hair is the best thing ever.

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