nicholas + cara | wedding

Nicholas and Cara’s wedding was one big celebratory party and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. Their day was filled with an abundance of friends and family to celebrate along side of them.


It was a warm, whimsy summer afternoon in Grand Rapids and Nicholas and Cara were all smiles (and a healthy ounce of nervous, in the best way, to see each other for the first time).  Their first look came when Cara walked down the aisle at St. Thomas the Apostle. Nick and Cara were all smiles as she entered, dad in hand, the big and open sanctuary. The ceremony and it’s pillars and curving dome top set the stage for a heartfelt ceremony. A homily layered in wisdom and unity from Father James Chelich was substantial and kind. Vows and hymns echoed in this building filled with meaning for these two and their families. Cara grew up coming here, her dad still works here, her family went to school here, this place had history and it made the experience all the more magical. After a meaningful service and a delightful streamer send-off, the party continued on at English Hills Terrace and Country Club. And we mean it when we say party. Nicholas and Cara’s guests definitely knew how to bust a few moves on the dance floor. And so did Cara and her father, pulling out a choreographed dance to surprise all.

The meaning of the day continued on when we learned that Cara’s parents AND Nicholas’s parents had their reception at this same venue. Traditions are pretty wonderful sometimes.

A tradition we like to keep is to ask couples to describe each other on the day. We asked these two to sum up each other. Nicholas describes Cara as high-energy, caring, and giving. When we asked Cara to tell us her favorite qualities in Nicholas she said that he truly makes her (and everyone) a better person. He is funny, witty, and just straight-up fun to be around. Together they are better and we were honored to be able to be there to capture these two on a meaningful day of marriage. Take a walk through this warm and whimsy day of photos below and stay tuned for a video coming soon!

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