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The motivation for us in photographing people and their celebrations is to create something of substance and deep meaning. Locations are wonderful and bring a story to life, but meaningful locations can do that and more. That is why when we photographed Nick and Emma at their family cabin, we were honored to get a look into the place their relationship grew.

The cabin and land was full of stories and substance, even in the cold temperatures. These two dated here, met family here, spent summers here. We eventually ventured off through a nearby field and forest and came to a beautiful hill in the woods. It was off of a random road and nowhere near the cabin. We pulled over to take a peak. Emma and Nick hiked like true adventure enthusiasts. As they got all cozy for some photos, Emma realized the plot of land they were standing on was actually a separate plot owned by her families. It was land where a new home would be built soon. A place for future memories and adventures for their growing family and community.

To document them in a place of past memories was a true honor. To document them in a place of future memories was just as fulfilling. We’re honored by the power of place in people’s story and photographing a little reminder of that, gives our work life.

Enjoy friends!

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