Pure Joy

We’ve witnessed a lot of happy, jubilant, tear-filled moments while photographing the people and couples we’ve worked with.  Here are seven memorable moments of pure joy.


Amy and Jon were getting ready to take portraits right after their ceremony. As the rain was coming down and emotions were starting to set in, we asked Amy to stand next to her husband. “My husband!” she  exclaimed.  “You’re my husband!” Bursting into tears, the joy realization had us all feeling a little sentimental.


Melanie and Nate were just about ready to pledge their vows to one another when they realized…they had forgotten his ring. After a moment of laughter, Nate’s grandfather stood up. He had just celebrated his 60th anniversary, and decided to offer his own ring for Nate to use. We loved how Melanie and Nate made a possibly stressful situation into one of complete lightheartedness.


Jamie and Chris exploded out of their ceremony, newly married and showered in confetti.


Xiao and Shaoyou had choreographed a waltz for their first dance. As they followed each other’s steps, it was easy to see their joy in the flawless execution of their dance.


Little baby Ava was unexpectedly swung into the air Simba-style by her father, bringing her the biggest wide-eyed grin of the session.


Nick and Emma grooved to their first dance tune: Coming Home by Leon Bridges, in particularly exuberant fashion.


And lastly, after their first-look, Chris and Liz were ready to get married. Chris landed a perfect heel-kick on his way to their car.

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